Essence Of A Soul

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The trapped soul of Dicentra Borley crashes frantically against the invisible boundaries of this sphere, yet she can never escape. With every shudder against the edges, she loses more and more of herself. But others gain what she loses - her memories, her decision making, her faint affinity for magic, and more.

Armor class is 10-12.
Modifies wisdom by 3 continuous
Modifies intelligence by 3 continuous
Modifies mana by 25 continuous

Keyword(s): essence, soul.
Level(s): 50-52.
Type: armor.
Slot(s): <held>.
Quality: 200 hps.
Weight: 2 lbs.
Flag(s): evil, anti-good, magic, nodrop.


Replacement for the Arcane Cloth which was grandfathered in March 2013.


Area: Borley Manor (Map).
Mob(s): Dicentra Borley

See individual mob pages linked above for more information.

3n, 3w, 2s, e from Stone Gargoyle

Portaling point suggested: Stone Gargoyle.