Clump Of Echostone

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Gray and dull, the only thing notable about echostone is a thin aura of blue light around it, and the fact that it is always warm to the touch. This particular clump of echostone glows noticably stronger, and its surface is flecked with tiny silvery filings. The heat from the stone is palpable.

Modifies save vs spell by -20 continuous
Modifies damage roll by 5 continuous
Modifies constitution by -3 continuous

Keyword(s): clump, rock, echostone.
Level(s): 50-52.
Type: light.
Slot(s): <used as light>.
Quality: 80 hps.
Weight: 4 lbs.
Flag(s): magic.
Mob: Ghostly Sailor


The sailor is in the hold of the derelict ship that sometimes appears in the Rim. Key to him is on the captain.

The -3 con can be alleviated, and is inconsequential on maxed out heroes, while the extra saves always come in handy.


Area: Rim (map)