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The Dart spell is the most basic kinetic attack. The spell takes an object from the caster's inventory and flings it with great force against the body of the enemy. The item then falls to the ground. Items which are too heavy for the caster's mind to handle (as determined by intelligence) cannot be darted, and container objects also cannot be used, as they are too unwieldy to hurl properly. There are no reimbursements for items lost with this spell...

Prerequisite(s): none.

Syntax: cast 'dart' <mob>.

The dart spell uses telekinesis to hurl an item from your inventory at the mob you're currently fighting. Dart cannot be used to start combat.

The heavier the item is that you're darting, the more damage it deals. You can only dart an item with weight less than or equal to your current intelligence. Also, you cannot dart Containers.

The item that is darted is the one that is at the top of your inventory. In other words, it is the item that you most recently picked up. As mentioned above, dart will never throw a Container. If the top item of your inventory is a container, then dart will select the next available item.

Dart is a truly amazing spell when you first gain access to it. By utilizing dart, a properly prepared psionicist can expect to do damage up to (or exceeding?) ***PULVERIZING***! However, dart is not as easy to use as some other damage spells. To dart safely you will need to have a clean inventory, with all your useful gear stored in Containers. See Gear Changing Aliases for a couple examples of how to maintain a neat & tidy inventory.

Losing the item you use to dart can be very traumatic for a young psionicist. To avoid this, follow these three easy tips:

  • Don't fight mobs who are scavengers. They may pick up your dart fodder while you're in spell lag
  • Etch your dart object with a unique keyword
  • Make a simple alias. The following example assume that you etched your dart object 'tickler':
 alias dart c dart:get tickler

Unfortunately dart is the best psionicist damage spell until Torch, which you can't learn until level 34. As you level up you may find dart's damage to no longer be adequate for your needs. At this point many psionicists begin using Quicken in conjunction with dart. This is particularly useful for this spell since dart costs so little to cast.

Here's some nice heavy low-level items that can be used with dart. Feel free to add to this table.

Suggested Objects to Dart
Int Object(s) Int Object(s) Int Object(s) Int Object(s)
18 (?) 22 a tattered kite shield 26 a granite rock 30 a Bundle of Reeds
19 (?) 23 The Tiger Jewel or Orcish Crossbow 27 (?) 31 (?)
20 a pile of hay 24 (?) 28 Charred breastplate 32 (?)
21 (?) 25 white plate armor or an anvil 29 (?) 33 a suit of red plate armor
note: characters may only dart objects whose weight (in pounds) is no greater than their intelligence.

Also keep in mind that hero psionicists can alter the weight of equipment slightly via the Transmute spell. Note that Transmute cannot be cast upon objects with the magic flag.