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Telekinesis is the basic Psionic principle of moving objects and creating forces with one's mind. These spells are used for a variety of purposes. It is not possible for even the most powerful psion to directly damage a foe with telekinesis. A squirming, fighting opponent is simply too hard to get a secure mental grip on, so crushing or mangling with telekinesis is implausible. Psionic Telekinetic attack spells thus use objects as weapons, and include DART, BLAST BOLT, TORCH, DETONATE, WEAPON RUSH, DANCING WEAPON, and FANDANGO. Other Telekinetic spells create forces for defense or other purposes. They include ENERGY SHIELD, MENTAL BARRIER, and LEVITATION. Since applying force to other objects and people is as easy as applying it to oneself, all telekinetic spells can be cast on others.

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