Demon Lord Typhus

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With the wardgates unbarred and the shackles unleashed, Demon Lord Typhus is restored to his full power; a true lord of demons, wielding massive tools of destruction and capable of destroying hundreds of simple souls with a single blow. Battling such a monstrosity is going to take all the grit you can muster.

Keywords: typhus, demon, lord.
Level: ?
Scan Description: ?
Alignment: demonic.
Flags: steadfast, very agressive.
Affects: detect hidden, detect invis, infravision, sanctuary, protection good.

Demon Lord Typhus is using:
<worn on finger>    [Pristine  ] (Magical) demonic ringband of Typhus
<wielded>           [Pristine  ] (Magical) demonic warhammer of might
<held>              [Pristine  ] corrupted staff of Typhus


Appears in the room Portal from Hell (same room where The Lord Typhus' shadow pops) when the Annulation Device is dropped in the center room of the upper part of Rise of Typhus (Guardian Altar, has the ancient protector that is non-aggie and is sanc'd).

Can be skinned for the horns of Typhus.

If there is already an instance of Demon Lord Typhus in the room Portal from Hell when you drop the Device you will see the same message as usual, and the Device will be destroyed, but another Demon Lord Typhus will not appear. However, if Demon Lord Typhus is moved somehow to another room, more than one instance can be created at the same time. Casting 'locate typhus ring' is an easy way to see how many are instantiated at the moment.

Shortly after an instance of Demon Lord Typhus is killed a series of groups of four demons will appear in the room Portal from Hell (starting with: "A quasit steps out of a shimmering portal."). Not sure if the number of demons is always the same or varies. On one occasion there were twenty demons total, in five groups of four, each of a different type of demon. They appear in Portal from Hell even if the instance of Demon Lord Typhus was killed in another room.


Area: Rise Of Typhus (Map).
Room: Portal from Hell.

Walking route from Tysiln San: 2n, open w, 2w, d, 2w, s, w, 2u