Lord Typhus' Shadow

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After losing a battle to Anthraxus, Typhus, weakened from the battle, fled to the plane of Midgaardia where he waits to be able to take on Anthraxus again. However, being promptly imprisoned was not a part of his plans. Now, after an untold time spend preparing and gathering forces, YOU interrupt and threaten everything. You have one guess as to the likely response.

The Lord Typhus' shadow is using:
<worn on finger>    [Pristine  ] (Magical) black ring of Typhus
<wielded>           [Pristine  ] (Magical) war hammer of might
<held>              [Pristine  ] black staff of Typhus


An Annulation Device can be used to summon the real Demon Lord Typhus to this same room.


Area: Rise Of Typhus (Map).
Room: Portal from Hell.

Walking route from Tysiln San: 2n, open w, 2w, d, 2w, s, w, 2u OR 2n, open w, 6w, d, 2u