Empty Fertilizer Bag

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Weight:3 lbs
Capacity:300 lbs
Area:Verdant Isle (Map)
Mob:an Ohia Lehua tree (Aggressive)
  • Doesn't always load on the Ohia Lehua Tree, I'm thinking this is probably the kind of thing where you have to kill all the trees before one spawns with it. Update: Only one of the trees has it. There's at least two trees, and when I got the item, it was NOT the tree commonly used as the pp. This other tree is south-east of the portal point Lehua! tree.
  • The tree is aggressive, as is pretty much everything else, so there may be a few mobs attacking you to start with, keep that in mind. The vines backstab, which is extremely painful if not lethal, so if you see one in the room with the tree, target that first.