Enchant Armor

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This spell improves the bonuses the target object gives to AC. This spell causes the armor's alignment to become the alignment of the caster, although it does not remove an existing alignment. Enchanting also causes the armor to be increased in level. There are several results that can happen when this spell is cast. The armor can be successfully enchanted normally, or brilliantly, which means the enchantment bonus is greater. The armor can also fade, which removes all existing enchants as well as item flags. Worst of all, the item has a chance to explode and be lost forever. (Containers which explode also destroy all contents...)

Prerequisiste(s): none.

Syntax: cast 'enchant armor' <armor>.

Spellcasters may find this skill very useful, as all characters benefit from wearing enchanted armor. See also Enchanting.

See also Enchant Armor Gear.