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Druid Lowmort Skills & Spells Chart

Lvl: List of Skills & Spells Available to Practice at This Level...
  1: fast healing       meditation
  2: faerie fire        lore
  3: cause light        detect evil        word of recall
  4: identify           magic light        magic lore
  5: armor              detect magic    
  6: blindness          cure light         poison             read magic
  7: haggle             infravision
  8: arcane knowledge   container lore     detect alignment   plague
  9: detect poison      fly
 10: bless              curse              embalm             locate object      prayer
 11: cause serious      cure blindness     invis
 12: cure poison        spell recovery
 13: cure disease       dispel evil
 14: cure serious       detect hidden      earthbind          faerie fog
 15: dispel magic       flamestrike        holy armor
 16: detect invis       remove curse
 17: astral
 18: know alignment     protection evil    protection good
 19: call lightning     cause critical
 20: mass bless         mass cure serious
 21: fear               frenzy
 22: cure critical      pass door          water breathing
 23: sanctuary          turn undead
 24: refresh            summon
 25: lead party         quicken            surge
 26: mass aid
 27: harm
 28: mass cure critical  mass invis
 29: control weather
 30: holy aura
 31: heal
 34: turn demon
 35: calm
 36: mass heal
 37: portal
 39: seal
 40: earthquake
 42: enchant weapon
 44: augment
 45: invincibility
 46: holy sight
 47: enchant armor      invigorate         nexus
 48: lead gang          transfer life
 49: awen               enchant bow
 50: archery lore*      demonstrate        divinity           druidic oath*      forage*
     gurney             mass invigorate    mercy              track*
   * Lowmort skills & spells that Druids may learn but Clerics may not.

See also Druid Hero Skills & Spells, Cleric Lowmort Skills & Spells.