Eye Of The Beholder

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This central eye of a once dangerous beholder holds magical essence.

It has an unknown duration.
Faintly lowers resistance to earth continuous
Modifies mana by 75 continuous.

Keyword(s): beholder, eye.
Level(s): 51-52.
Type: Light.
Slot(s): <used as light>.
Quality: 40 hps.
Weight: 5 lbs.
Flag(s): glow, evil, magic.



Area: Category: Labyrinth Of Despair (Map).
Mob(s): Beholder Mother.

To get to the Labyrinth of Despair, pp drow spec and go s w s d d w (swsddw) This area is a maze.

From its entrance go 2n, e, n, w, 2s, [d], 2n, 2e, w, e, s (2nenw2sd2n2ewes) and kill the Beholder Spectator. Be sure to get the Rusty Iron Key key once he's dead

From there: unl d, op d, d, s, w (unl d;open d;dsw). Kill the Beholder Overseer, get the Rune-Inscribed Key.

To find the Beholder Mother go 2n, e, n, unl n, op n, n (2nen;unl n;open n;n). She's only level 50 or so, but she casts and is a psion. Keep in mind that the room before the mother has a couple guards who detect and are aggie.