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The Fae are ancestors to the High Elves. Having kept their society hidden away from lesser beings, they have begun to grant a few High Elves the power to join their race. The change from High Elf to Fae is one of magic and can only be accomplished through completing a rigorous quest.

Those who dare to take this journey, be warned, you will never be the same again.

  • Abbreviation: Fae.
  • Racial(s): infravision, sneak, fly, movehidden, tranquility, see invis.
  • Well-Suited to Be: ???.
  • Ill-Suited to Be: ???.


The Fae ascension quest is relatively simple (compared to Demon) - you just have to form a group capable of killing the Unmaker in The Unravelling. The Unmaker is found at the end of a short maze e/w of Mother Weaver. The mob only takes damage from High Elves, and will automatically kill any non-hie which attempt to enter its room. A group of 6 casters is usually sufficient, though additional help will be needed to get there. The mobs in the maze before Unmaker also detonate gear, but the Unmaker itself does not. The Unmaker will drop one item which must be in inventory when troika is completed to ascend to Fae. This means that each kill of the Unmaker enables one character to become Fae.

The Unravelling maze has random exits, but the maze isn't too deep (4-5 rooms?) before you reach the Unmaker. Both the east and west exits from Mother Weaver lead to the first room of the maze. After that you can't go back to her room, so make sure your group is well regenned before leaving the safe room. In each subsequent room there's only one correct direction to proceed.

Turn by Turn Directions 

Shift Arcadia 3w2sws2w3d pick d(or go get the key which is a bit north of the grate through some private rooms, on a fae guard) 5dn11d That gets you to Mother Weaver. East or west into the maze. Track Unmaker. Rest all non HiE before moving into the unmaker room. The Unamaker insta-kills all non HiE, healing him to full in the process. Prs should augement mass comf as high as he/she can. Unmaker is NOHOG. Unmaker has racial tranquillity.

Crew required: 1 tank and lots of bang

A large group of at least 15 is required to get to Unmaker. After that the small group of HiE can handle it. You can set anchor in Noctopia by going to the lloydable room which is N9UWNWN4W2N from Mother Weaver. From anchor you can then go 2S4ESESE, ALL D to get back to Mother Weaver.