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"Somehow, the Noctopia that now exists is not the waning realm it was when it vanished. The Army that now mans the Obisidian Arena is far stronger than the hamstrung force that Zarradyn led to defeat. And despite history recording the epic of her demise, the Dark Queen herself sits upon the Throne Under the Stars.

It is the Noctopia that never was, a realm where all 13 of the original Dark Fae still live, and Arcadia has been crushed under their collective heel. That both outcomes to a single war should exist simultaneously seems unnatural to say the least. Surely there will be a price to pay."
-Lady Astra

Builder: Dev


From the Lloydable room in Under The Stars head east then south then down, looking for a room called "waterfall" with exits north/west/down. Down from there takes you to this area.

Or, from the underground pool in Dark Fae Tower head north (instead of south). There you'll find a down exit to this area.


Connects to Under The Stars and Dark Fae Tower as described above.


Both entrances place you in a up/down shaft, at the middle of which is a safe room. From the safe room you can head north towards Noctopia, south towards Arcadia, or east/west into a maze.


This area is very dangerous.

First of all, since it lies in the Nowhere plane, you can't gurney fallen groupies. Have them Requiem their corpses, and Threnody them after the run. If they aren't patient enough for that, then Eulogy is always an option.

All of the mobs here drift, so you can find yourself amidst a swarm without warning. For this reason backup tanks are very important here. The drifting nature of the mobs here also means that you shouldn't expect to get much sleep once you enter this area.

Once you enter the up/down shaft the main mobs to watch out for are the Chaos Beasts. The reason they hurt so much is because their weapons are poisoned with Necrotia. Naturally, these weapons have an inventory flag, so they can't be looted. The weapons are also cursed, so they can't be disarmed. I also think that the mobs are tranquil (and can't be decepted) but this needs confirmation. The only ways to avoid their Necrotia are to use immaculate, detonate, or shatter strike. Chaos Beasts are also spec_wizard, which means that they can cast Shard Storm. This makes for great fun in the det portion in the area (see below).

At the center of the up/down shaft is the Weaver Mother. This room is fully safe, so take a well deserved nap once you reach her.

If you enter the east/west maze from the Weaver Mother you won't be able to return to her room. This maze also has drifter mobs. For these reasons you should make sure that your group is very healthy before entering the maze.

Once inside the maze you'll find the same Weaver and Chaos Beast mobs you met in the up/down shaft portion of the area. In addition to them, there is a mob called Essence Collector. It is spec_telekinetic (DETS!) but doesn't hit as hard as the other two. Casters running naked are likely to be annihilated by the Chaos Beasts casting Shard Storm, so having attentive healers is a plus on this run.

Somewhere in the maze you can find the Unmaker, a mob that only HiEs can affect. See its article for more information.


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