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A basic creation of the Psionic art, the fear spell allows the caster to instill a feeling of fright into the enemy. Once filled with fear, an enemy has trouble aiming at its targets. Also, the victim will be so frightened of danger as to be unable to use the rescue command. Not all of the effects of the fear spell are detrimental to the victim. A frightened creature is generally more wary and on its guard, so its saving throw is improved. The effects of this spell become more dramatic as the caster advances in level and can create a more forceful impression of fear. Because this spell relies partly on manipulating an unaware victim's perception of reality, it can only be cast when initiating combat.

Prerequisite(s): none.

Syntax: cast 'fear' <mob>.

Psionicists may find this spell useful for starting fights. Characters of other classes hardly ever use it (or do they?).