Fiery-Red Vial

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The vial is labelled 'help'.

Level 50 spells of: 'cure critical' 'cure light'.

Keyword(s): fiery-red, potion, vial, fiery, red.
Level(s): 0.
Type: potion.
Slot(s): none.
Quality: 1 hps.
Weight: 9 lbs.
Flag(s): magic.

Shopkeep: Alchemist
Area: Midgaard (Map)

From Aelmon, go 6n, [e]. You can buy Fiery-Red Vials from Alchemist for 4200-5250 coins a piece.

The bartender in Mervue sells this for 7000 coins.

You can also purchase these from Urka Hammertoes with the right insignia for an amethyst (2000 coins).

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