Guild Of Explorers And Cavern Crawlers Insignia

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This is earned by completing a quest by Urka Hammertoes. Follow him for details. Earning this gives you a +100 movement bonus (which is especially useful for ents) and allows you to interact with other guild members mobs. Each member has special goods only for sale to other members. Membership is 10000 gold (aquamarine) and must be paid yearly (mud time). The following is for sale from various guild members:

Item                        Cost           Area:                 Mob/Quest/Room:
Fiery-Red Vial              amethyst       Graw Akkuurattaan     Urka Hammertoes
40 Piercing Sling Stones    topaz          Deepways              Jon, the lizard hunter
20 Splinter Sling Stones    amethyst       Deepways              Jon, the lizard hunter
100 Piercing Arrows         moonstone      Deepways              Rojer, the lizard hunter
100 Splinter Arrows         topaz          Deepways              Rojer, the lizard hunter
Pinch Of Faerie Dust        topaz          Deepways              Calsviri
Scroll Of Natural Disasters diamond        Deepways              Calsviri
Golden Wand Of Gnarled Wood fizora         Deepways              Calsviri

Note: Calsviri will sell to you once you've completed the armband quest the first time. For the Golden Wand you also need to have completed a relevant portion of the Restoring Mark V (Part 2) Quest.

See also Gemstones.