Fix-It Floyd Quest

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The place that produces mobs all around Avatar has been refurbished recently. After a catastrophic incident with a disobedient Collosus, Fix-it Floyd took the opportunity to slightly Revise the factory, though for an old-timer such as him that probably meant something as simple as finally installing doors.

See if you can help Floyd to get the production back on schedule. This quest is for players up to and including level 11. If some players cannot access this quest, the problem is psychological, not mechanical.

This quest rewards the player with the Do Avatars Dream Of Magical Sheep? Insignia.

Be sure and pay attention to what Floyd says. Also there are a lot of things to look at in his room that provide information. For example, he's afraid of dragons so if you are a dragon (or are wearing an item that reminds him of one) you might have trouble. Also, note that there are no 'tentacles' in the mob factory, in his dialogue Floyd says to replace them with a different piece of mob anatomy.

To complete you'll need 3 heads, 2 torsos, 5 legs, and 4 tails.