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Quest Quick-Links Table
Quests: 01-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-50 Hero

Level Quest Area Reward Type Reward Notes
1 Funky Root Quest Wayside Money & Treasure 250 coins
? Bonkers! Quest Cult of Bonk Insignia, Buffs Stark Raving Bonkers! 30 to HP, mana, moves.
2 Wayside Kobold Slayer Quest Wayside Insignia, Buffs Wayside Kobold Slayer! Choice of either stronger spellcasting or stronger hitting (by 5% until Hero lvl 50).
2 Fix-It Floyd Quest Mob Factory Insignia Do Avatars dream of magical sheep? Stat or ability boost (until Hero lvl 101).
2 Exemplary Citizen Award Quest Orphanage Insignia Exemplary Citizen Award Free level, damage (+1 DR) or armor (-2 AC) bounus (until Hero lvl 50).
2 Jousting Champion Quest Carnival Insignia Jousting Champion Insignia Cosmetic proof of your awesomeness.
3 Prisoner Of The Goblins Quest Goblin Caverns Money or Treasure or Armor Multiple rewards Quest can be completed in several different ways.
4 Love Letter Quest Orphanage Healie Flask Of Herbal Tea Prize gives cure serious.
4 Solace Sorcerer Quest Town Of Solace Buff Protection Good Only evil players will be rewarded.
5 Amber Potion Quest Valley Of The Dogs Healie Amber Potion Prize gives cure light and armor
It is the same potion carried by the Nanny.
5 Elven Potion In A Silver Flask Quest The Weeping Buff gear Elven Potion In A Silver Flask Prize casts protection evil.
5 Small Metal Bottle Quest Goblin Caverns Healie Small Metal Bottle Prize gives cure light and armor.
7 Wafer Of Knowing Quest The Weeping Buff gear Wafer Of Knowing Prize gives detects (Detect Hidden and Detect Invis).
7 Grunka's Kombat Champion Grunka's Kombat Skool Armor Badge Of Completion Con gear worn on body.