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With knowledge comes power and with power come nice ways to make things go your way. One is the perfect little flash which when timed well can blind everyone in the room. This leaves you free to do some serious blood letting and soul wrenching without prying eyes.

Prerequisite(s): Blindness.

Syntax: cast 'flash'.

This spell has a low (5%?) chance to blind mobs that aren't already attacking the caster.

If this spell is cast on mobs that are already attacking the caster it is guaranteed to blind them. One way to ensure that this happens is to Quicken 9 and cast Burning Hands before casting Flash. If there's only one mob that you'd like to Flash, Quicken 9 Fear is a good way to start the fight. Or just attack the mob with the kill command, which has the least lag of any method of starting a fight.

Note that Wizards learn this spell through a Spellbook, and that is it out-of-class, and therefore has double the lag of a Sorcerer's Flash.