Focusing Staff

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The staff has feathers and bones attached with strings and sap, in a very elaborate display of extravagance. It also has dark necromantic runes that glow with evil red light etched in the wood.

Modifies mana by 50 continuous.
'protection evil'  continuous.

Keyword(s): focusing, staff
Type: armor
Slot: <held>
Levels: Levels 50-52
Weight: 10 lbs
Bases: Base 10-12
Flags: hum, evil, magic
Area: Sun God Altar (Map)
Mob: various.


The staff can be found on various shaman acolytes on the third level.


Portal Grogbert Thunderbeard and fight your way through s, w, w, u. Then scan for the acolytes. (alternate, pp Seneca, s e d, scan)