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The Githyanki and the Githzerai are hated enemies of each other but they are in reality members of the same base race. The differences between them are primarily ideological. The Gith race are humanoid creatures that have existed on the planes for centuries. This planar affinity allows sufficiently powerful gith to call upon an innate ability to planeshift. Giths have powerful intellects which make them adept at using magic of all varieties although they are especially strong with the psionic school. This allows them to imbue their regular physical attacks with mental damage. They are a stealthy race and able to sneak well although they typically make poor archers.

  • Abbreviation: Gth.
  • Well-Suited to Be: "They will make really nice caster remorts and especially good mnd and very decent psis" Malaclypse.


General spell cost discount seems to be slightly less than 5%, with another roughly 12% for psionic spells.

Worshipping shz:
fort 315
foci 361
awen 451