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Character Quick-Links Table
Classes: Core Remort Prestige Points: Exp. Hit Mana Move Prac. Quest
Races: Creatable Remort Ascension Stats: P.R. Con. Dex. Int. Str. Wis.
Tiers: Lowmort Hero Lord Religion: Worship Devotion Pantheon
Legend Titan Angel & Imm Gameplay: Roles Commands Scripting
Abilities Auras & Flags Configuration Skills & Spells

A.V.A.T.A.R. has several tiers of play. As you play, and gain levels, you move up in the tiers.

Level Range:        Common Name:
1 - 50              Low Mortal
51                  Hero
51(500)             Hero, Superhero
125                 Lord
125(500)            Lord, Overlord
250                 Legend
???                 Titan               (note: not yet implemented)
N/A                 Angel
Way up there        Immortal
Way, WAY up there   Snikt (Owner)


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