Glorious Conquest

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The clerics of Werredan inspire acts of valour in those around them. Their secrets are now available to all clerics. This spell will increase the experience gains of characters allied to a cleric casting this spell when foes significantly stronger than the group are defeated.

Individual clerics will have different spell strengths influenced by how closely aspects of their deities correspond with those of Werredan.

This is a powerful pantheon spell. Any single cleric can only maintain (i.e. be the caster of) one of these spells at any given time.

Syntax: cast 'glorious conquest'


This spell has a base duration of 8 ticks at Hero (and Lord?).

The exact effect of the spell differs from cleric to cleric, largely depending on which god the caster worships, but also apparently to an extent depending on the caster's race. The power of the spell is the same for both Heroes and Lords. This spell only works on mobs above a certain level.

This spell generally has less of an affect at lord as the minimum mob level required is relatively higher.

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Race Worship Percentage increase
Centaur Werredan 16%
Centaur Kra 10%
Centaur Shizaga 10%
Deep Gnome Tul-Sith 0%
Demonseed Quixoltan 10%
Dragon Werredan 15%
Dragon Kra 9%
Drow Werredan 15%
Drow Shizaga 3%
Dwarf Werredan 20%
Dwarf Tor 20%
Dwarf Bhyss 16%
Dwarf Quixoltan 15%
Dwarf Kra 14%
Dwarf Athiest 10%
Dwarf Durr 7%
Dwarf Tul-Sith 2%
Ent Werredan 20%
Elf Kra 9%
Giant Werredan 15%
Gnome Kra 9%
High Elf Kra 9%
Kobold Tor 15%
Lizard Man Werredan 15%
Lizard Man Tul-Sith 0%
Minotaur Werredan 18%
Ogre Werredan 18%
Ogre Quixoltan 13%
Ogre Kra 12%
Ogre Athiest 8%
Ogre Gorn 1%
Sprite Quixoltan 10%
Sprite Athiest 5%
Troll Quixoltan 10%
Tuataur Werredan 15%