Guardian Of The Fae Insignia

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While not True Fae, Sprites have taken it upon themselves to guard what precious homeland they and other faerie races share. A long standing feud between the harpies of Lloth's Peak and the fae races in Midgaardia has resulted in a new push forward by the Sprites to regain what is theirs.

However the Sprite numbers are few, so they have decided to ask the help of many midgaardians such as yourself! Those that venture into the circle will be asked for their assistance, assuming they are strong enough!

This title is bestowed only upon those beings who have reached out and done their part in the battle to find themselves victorious!

This insignia shows your dedication the Sprite cause against the attacks of the harpies from Lloth's Peak, and your help in securing support of a foreign benevolent party.

For further info, see the Guardian Of The Fae Quest. The insignia itself is nice and shiny, though entirely cosmetic. However, having this insignia will alter the attitude of certain Sarphyre's Court denizens.