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Insignia are rewards given in recognition of outstanding achievements. The insignia command allows you to view the insignia you have been awarded. Some insignia are permanent where some will fade based upon time where some will fade/change based upon level.

Here is a list of various insignia acquired throughout the game:

Level Quest Area Reward Type Reward Notes
2~10? Jousting Champion Quest Carnival Insignia only Jousting Champion Insignia Cosmetic proof of your awesomeness.
2~10 Bonkers! Quest Cult Of Bonk Insignia only Stark Raving Bonkers! Stat boost until Hero 11.
2~12 Fix-It Floyd Quest Mob Factory Insignia only Do Avatars dream of magical sheep? Stat or attribute boost, until Hero 101.
2~19 Nyad Letter Quest Elven Foothills Insignia, gear *** Fae Ambassador *** or
*** Fae Diplomat *** or
Fae Courier or
Felt the Wrath of the Fae! or
A Nyad's Blessings
Variable gear depending on quest resolution.
2~50 Wayside Kobold Slayer Quest Wayside Insignia, buffs Wayside Kobold Slayer! Choice of either stronger spellcasting or stronger hitting (by 5% or less until Hero lvl 50).
2-49 Exemplary Citizen Award Quest Orphanage Insignia, buffs Exemplary Citizen Award Insignia Free level, damage (+1 DR) or armor (-2 AC) bonus (until Hero lvl 50).
10~20 Solace Patrol Quest Town Of Solace Level, and a badge. Badge Of Solace, bound to player. Badge of Solace is used to start the Mervue Patrol Quest. No actual insignia is given but it is a prerequisite for later quests. Don't complete at low TNL or you'll waste the free level.
11~? Guardian Of The Fae Quest Oak Circle Insignia Guardian Of The Fae Features two phases. After you're done in Sarphyre's Court, the quest isn't over!
12-20? Slayer of Stories Quest Brothers Grimm Insignia Slayer of Stories Insignia is cosmetic only. Grants 1500 exp.
18+ Special Officer Of The Grey Ghosts Quest Graw Akkuurattaan Insignia, gems Special Officer Of The Grey Ghosts, Diamond Insignia is cosmetic only. Lvl 18 is recommendation, it is doable lvl2-lord.
18+ Guild Of Explorers And Cavern Crawlers Quest Graw Akkuurattaan Insignia, buff Member of the Guild of Explorers and Cavern Crawlers Insignia gives +100 moves, lasts for 3 months, allows Deepways purchases. Lvl 18 is recommendation, it is doable lvl2-lord.
20~25 Ssithtarr's Fur Collection Quest Cryptid Hollow Armor, Insignia Ssithtar's Fur Collection Quest, Ringmail Tasset Insignia is cosmetic only.
23+ Septarch Kirarun Quest Tiureess Insignia, potion Sept Arak`Tki Surveyor, Steel Skeleton potion A rare potion useful for Hero Quest. Lvl 23 is recommendation, it is doable lvl2-lord.
23+ Septarch Uragaie Quest Tiureess Insignia, gem Sept Tlan`Kle`Sha Ally, Small Moonstone Lvl 23 is recommendation, it is doable lvl2-lord.
23+ Septarch Envy Quest Tiureess Insignia, gear or buff Sept Xkra`Zvim Retainer and Small Ruby Ring, or
Sept Xkra`Zvim Do-Gooder and immortal-level Bless
Lvl 23 is recommendation, it is doable lvl2-lord.
23+ Septarch Kyxial Quest Tiureess Insignia, gear Sept Nik`Avrym Problem-Solver,
Rod Of Blue Crystal
Lvl 23 is recommendation, it is doable lvl2-lord.
23+ Septarch Spite Quest Tiureess Insignia, gem Sept N`Tel`Sha Retainer, Citrine Gemstone Lvl 23 is recommendation, it is doable lvl2-lord.
23+ Septarch Animosity Quest Tiureess Insignia, buffs or gear Sept Kwa`Xulu Agent or
Sept Kwa`Xulu Operative (aka Double-Spy) or
Sept Kwa`Xulu Traitor or
Sept N`Tel`Sha Master Spy.
Maybe Drow Headdress.
Various buffs are possible, see quest for full info. Quest has many possible variations. Lvl 23 is recommendation, it is doable lvl2-lord.
25-30 Mervue Patrol Quest Mervue Insignia, badge and a level. Honorary justice guard of Mervue,
Badge Of Mervue (bound to player)
Need Badge Of Solace to start, Badge Of Mervue is needed to start Midgaard Patrol Quest. This quest has a few different storylines.
34-38 Midgaard Patrol Quest Midgaard Insignia, badge, XP Honorary Townguard of Midgaard
Badge Of Midgaard (bound to player)
1500 XP
Badge Of Mervue required to start. Store the Badge Of Midgaard for the Kriegstadt Patrol Quest.
39+ Arcana Excelsis Initiate Arcana Excelsis Insignia, major ward Arcana Excelsis Initiate
Major Ward
Insignia gives +3% mana regen. You need to be at least level 35 and able to see invisible objects to find the entrance to Arcana Excelsis. To see an essential mob you need to be at least level 39. This quest is completable before hero level 200 (possibly higher).
Kriegstadt Patrol Quest Kriegstadt Insignia, badge, XP Honorary watchman of Kreigstadt
Badge Of Kriegstadt (bound to player)
1500 XP
Badge Of Midgaard required to start. This quest must be completed before hero level 101. This insignia should enable future quests.
51 Animal Handler Quest Rapture Insignia Eragora - Animal Handler Insignia gives +200 HP, lasts two weeks.
51 Bane Of The Myconoids Quest Fungal Forest Insignia, bribe Bane of the Myconoids Insignia gives -6 AC, lasts three months, bribe is a bag of gems with one perfect gem.
51 Auspices of the Temple Quest Arx Nivea Insignia Auspices of the Temple Modifies hit roll, damage roll, and armor class by +2 continuous. Modifies mana regeneration by +7% continuous.
51 Dark Acolyte Quest Arx Nivea Insignia Acolyte of the Temple Demonic Intent set to 100%. Lasts at least through Lord. The insignia will stay through remort and rebirth, even though the skill Demonic Intent will be reset to 0%.
51 Deep-Sea Diver Quest Exploration Outpost Insignia Eragora - Deep-Sea Diver Insignia gives +3% spell or melee damage, lasts until Lord.
51 End Of A Well Seasoned Nightmare Quest Sun God Altar Insignia Eragora - End of a Well Seasoned Nightmare Sanctuary for 75 levels
51 Domovoi's Treasure Quest Mervue Insignia Finder of Domovoi's treasure 5 Quest Points
51 Far Hunter Tattoo Quest Rim Insignia Far Hunter Tattoo Upgrades Religious Artifacts Hunting Quest
51 Great Summoning Quest Summoning Insignia Smoldering Embers of White +1 con/wis/int and +50 mana/hp (or +75 if pre-500)
51 Halfling Detective Quest Mountain Tunnels Insignia A halfling "detective" Insignia gives +3% XP, lasts until Lord.
51 Lifeforce Quest Sem Vida Insignia An Angry Red Aura (Lifeforce) or A Subtle Blue Aura (Lifeforce) Red Aura gives 3hr,3dr and 30 mana, Blue Aura gives -5ac and 50 hps. Bonuses tic down on death til 0 and insignia is lost.
51 Restoring Mark V (Part 2) Quest Glyntaff Pass Insignia The Touch Of the Heavenly Host Variable insignia with many possible bonuses.
51 Mountain Adventurer Quest Mountain Tunnels Insignia Mountain Adventurer Insignia gives -2 AC, lasts until Lord.
51 Order's Last Mission Quest Shadow Keep Insignia Agent of the Order Insignia itself is cosmetic. Other rewards apply.
51 Rapture Slavery Quest Rapture Insignia + Gear/Money Eragora - The Abolisher or Eragora - Slave Hunter Insignia is cosmetic. Other rewards apply.
51 Restoring Dwarfanity Quest Sun God Altar Insignia Eragora - Restoring Dwarfanity Fingerbone Of Kra + (optionally) a huge whetstone for warriors/bodyguards with 150 uses.
51 Safety Award Quest Exploration Outpost Insignia Eragora - Safety Award Insignia gives +5% XP, lasts one week.
51 Spirits Of Eragora Quest River Etuan Insignia Spirits Of Eragora Craft your own item.
51 Adept Of Heartwood Quest Heartwood Insignia Adept of the Heartwood or Initiate of the Heartwood Modifies experience gain by +5% continuous.
51 Blessings of Kra Quest Fortress of Kra Insignia The Blessings of Kra Modifies healing power by + 2% continuous
51 Kissed by a Necromancer Quest Cloud Dracoleum Insignia Kissed by a Necromancer I forget, I think it's 2%ish protection from cursed damage?
51 Clan Gwenci Quest Glyntaff Pass Insignia Clan Gwenci Honourary Member Modifies melee damage by +5% continuous (lasts for 50 hero levels and for 5 or fewer deaths)
51 Clan Broch Quest Glyntaff Pass Insignia Clan Broch Honourary Rhyfelwr I forget, but memorably it increases your death xp loss significantly for 5 or so deaths
51 Master Of The Tesseract Quest The Tesseract Insignia Master of The Tesseract One questpoint and hp and mana regeneration by + 3%
125 Vault Treasure Hunt Bo'Vul's Vault Insignia Treasure Hunter Modifies experience gain by + 5% continuous
125 Vault Thief's Bane Bo'Vul's Vault Insignia Thieves Bane Modifies death xp reduction by + 10% continuous
125 Fae Avenger Under the Stars Insignia Fae Avenger Cosmetic (helped a bladedancer defeat Yorimandil, avenging Tessrah).
125 Domain of Law insigs Domain of Law Insignia Law Dog (and variations) Max insig is -20svs, +3 int/wis/con/dex/str, +2% stealth, 3hr/3dr, -3ac.
250 Legend Legend Insignia Legendary Win Insignia Win an epoch.