Heavy Spear, "Ocean"

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This weapon looks as if a master jeweller had tried to make a piece worthy for the grandest palace of a great king. Images have been carved into the shiny blue surface, depicting the sea in various forms, from silent to roaring, from the rescue of children to the devouring of armadas. And all these pictures are overlaid with lines that weave a pattern reminiscent of the interwoven crests of waves.

Damage is 16-20 to 49-55 (average 32-37). (based on seven spears found in succession)
Modifies melee attacks with water damage continuous
Modifies damage roll by 15 continuous.
Modifies hit roll by 10 continuous.

Keyword(s): heavy spear ocean
Type: weapon
Slot(s): <wielded> & <offhanded>, simultaneously
Flag(s): glow, hum, anti-evil, good
Weight: 24 lbs
Level(s): 50-52
Quality: 200hp


You can bash while wielding this because it's hafted. Since this weapon does piercing damage it is sharpenable.


Mob: Tean NaamAhn'Sa
Area: Isle Of NaamBres'Shho (map)