Heroic Dragonscale Slippers

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Tiny golden scales and soft turquoise silk have been expertly crafted into a pair of slippers, with fetching curled up toes. This is your prize for killing the storm wyrm Oeheliu.

 Modifies dam roll by 4 continuous
 Modifies hit roll by 4 continuous
 Modifies armor class by -4 continuous
 Faintly increases resistance to electricity continuous

Slot: <worn on feet>
Level: 50-52
Base: 10-12
Weight: 4
Flags: none
Mob: Heroic Dragonscale Slippers Quest
Area: Rim (Map)


As far as archer gear is concerned, the Slagwalkers will still grant more AC. However, slippers are cool.

This should be nice for those who have many hits per round (Mon, Bld, etc) as it has equal DR to other options for its slot but also has +4 HR.