Iron Linked Chain Mail

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Chains of iron link together to form a heavy chain mail suit for the ogre's body. The circles are small enough to stop daggers and swords from penetrating the body.

Armor class is 8.
Modifies armor class by -15 continuous.
Modifies dexterity by -1 continuous.

Keyword(s): iron linked chain mail
Level(s): 39
Type: armor
Slot(s): <worn on body>
Quality: 100 hps
Weight: 11 lbs
Flag(s): none.



Area: Waterfall Cave (Map)
Room(s): Guard Room (portable)

Walking directions from Aelmon: 14n, 8w, n, e, 4d, s, d, w, 2d, e, 2n, 2e, u, 2n, w.

The armor can be found in the shelves.