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One of the homes of the creatures overtaking the ruins of the city of High Drow Elves, this small cave is on the northern edge of the ruins. For years, it has been ruled by Zaswyi, who lived in relative peace with his drow neighbors. Recently he was overthrown in a coup by Octyin, whose sole goal was to plunder the drow city for treasure. Rumor has it the lesser drows were planning to raid the cave in retaliation for the creatures invading the ruins and taking the temple treasures. A band of drows were sent to defeat the creatures, but thus far the battle is a stalemate, with each side taking heavy casualties.

Level Range: 33-39

Builder: Niki


Walking route from Aelmon: 14n, 8w, n, e, 4d, s, d, w, 2d, e, n.

Portaling point(s) suggested: Zashti.


The Cave is the very first area which can be accessed from the Ruins of Reveria, when entering it from the surface. It is reached from the far north of the ruins, off of the cliff.



Ogre rebirth is here.


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