Jake The Thorn-Slayer

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Middle aged and past his prime, Jake still has some of the strength he used to kill the dragon Thorn. He owns this shop and takes pride in his ongoing quest for those willing. Some dragons exist that need killing. Heroes are made with such acts but seldom are rewarded for their efforts. If you can give some proof of your kill, and give it to Jake, he will reward you with an item of possible use.

Keywords: Jake, bartender.
Level: 51 or more.
Alignment: heroic.
Flags: steadfast.
Affects: none.


Jake the Thorn-Slayer is using:
<wielded>           a long sword
Jake the Thorn-Slayer is carrying:                                                   [Lv Price]
     a bottle of local specialty                                                     [ 0    15]
     a bottle of firebreather                                                        [ 0    15]
     a bottle of beer                                                                [ 0    16]


Jake is involved in various ticket quests:


Area: Midgaard (Map).
Room: The Dragon's Bane (portable, safe).

Walking route from Aelmon: 6e, n.

Jake the Thorn-Slayer is portable.