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An alphabetical list of all AVATAR MUD shopkeepers.

Stores and shops can be found in most of the major cities. You will find a large assortment of items for sale, such as armor, weapons, potions and scrolls, treasures, food and drink, containers, and even pets.

Syntax: list.
Syntax: buy <object>.
Syntax: sell <object>.
Syntax: barter <your object> <desired object>.

Object Type:       Shopkeepers Who Buy and/or Sell This Type:
Ammunition         Bow-Maker, Fletcher's Daughter, Village Bowmaster, Celestial.
Armor              Ulrich, Armourer.
Boats              Lexie
Containers         Croben, Grocer.
Drink Containers   Grocer
Foods              Grocer.
Gemstones          Jeweller.
Keys               Sanctum's Guide.
Lights             Grocer.
Maps (In-game)     Chuckie, Tilly.
Pets               Dracho.
Pills              ?
Poisons            ?
Potions            Alchemist, Jim, Comet.
Rogue Tools        ?
Scrolls            Thrul, The Wizard, Chuckie, Zaertses, Cyrtpea, Nom, Sol.
Spellbooks         ?
Staves             ?
Tickets            none.
Trash              Aelmon, Bow-Maker, Fletcher's Daughter.
Treasure           Jeweller, Giles, Grocer, Grakh, Of Clan Kanhbranuun, 
                   Bram The Wandering Trader, Lars The Supplier,
                   and (technically but he always swindles you) Lapidary.
Wands              ?
Weapons, Melee     Ulrich, Weaponsmith.
Weapons, Missile   Bow-Maker, Village Bowmaster, Celestial
Weapons, Poisoned  ?
Weapons, Throwing  Weaponsmith