Kinetic Weapon Control

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There are a number of factors that can come into play when a psionicist attempts to retrieve their weapon after performing a telekinetic attack.

A psion with a powerful mind can control the motion of a heavy weapon with ease. Those with nimble fingers have an easier time catching the weapon once it's close to their body.

Two-handed weapons with long shafts are particularly easy to recoup, as are those of an immaterial essence. Weapons with multiple attacking heads can be difficult to catch; and flexible weapons, such as chains, fly awkwardly through the air.

In general, a psionicist who is specially attuned to their weapon will have greater success in attempting to retrieve it.


The last sentence about being "specially attuned" to your weapon is referring to the Psionicist having insured their weapon. The weapon must be insured directly, the benefit won't be seen if the wielder is just an altof whomever has the item insured.