Large Dwarven Shield

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A large dwarven shield lies here on the ground.

Armor class is 3-5.
Modifies armor class by -25 continuous.
Modifies save vs spell by -4 continuous.

Keyword(s): shield large dwarven
Level(s): 17-19
Type: armor
Slot(s): <held in offhand>
Quality: 100 hps
Weight: 7 lbs
Flag(s): glow



Mob: Dwarven Youth
Location: Duergar Stronghold (Map)

pp Borgin, open down, .2ded2nwndwd


From Sol: 3e2n3e5n3wn . Note that there is an aggie Solacian Thug on this path. This takes you to the entrance of Mt Durr.
From Mt Durr: 2ueu5n2e2s(e)(d) This takes you to the entrance of the Duergar Stronghold
From the Stronghold: go d, e, d, 2n, w, n, d, w, d. This will take you to a part of the area called the Dwarven Refuge Room. This is a small corner of the area, only fives rooms or so, and this is where the Dwarven Youth wanders.