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Here we are Lords. This is it. Waite and I have big plans for this site. The Lord game is generally a lot more dynamic than the hero game, with areas changing, new areas going in and all sorts of wonderful things happening all of the time. We're really counting on the entire lord community to get together with this and keep this site as up to date as possible.

Hopefully one day we'll get to the point that when a new area goes in, there are people taking notes live on the wiki.

Our reasons for making this Lord Wiki is identical to our Motivation behind developing the main [[[Main_Page|Avatar Wiki]].

If you want to be a super helpful wiki person who never makes mistakes, follow our Format and read our document on Contributing. More than anything though, feel free to contribute any knowledge that you have about the lord game. If you can't take the time to make it match the rest of the site perfectly, that's fine, just do your best. It's much better to contribute some poorly formatted information than nothing at all.