Lord Questpoint (QP) Runes

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Since October 15, 2011, certain gear runs contain mobs that have runes that can be traded into Prenethia (at Thorngate, teleable) for questpoints or experience (depending on the particular rune). These runes are reboot only. Since then they have been reshuffled to provide both XP and QP, depending on the difficulty of the run in question.

10 Questpoints

  • Despair - Githyanki Warlock (Silver Chestplate)
  • Destruction - Githyanki Warlock
  • Enslavement - Githyanki Warlock
  • Fatigue - The Burning Phoenix (Phoenix-Feather Greaves)
  • Regeneration - The Burning Phoenix

5 Questpoints

400 XP

  • Chaos - statue of Anthraxus (Stone Wings)
  • Obfuscation - statue of Anthraxus

300 XP

250 XP

200 XP

  • Influence - Emissary of the mind flayers (Githzerai Keep)
  • Corruption - Emissary of the mind flayers

100 XP