Mervue Patrol Quest

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This is a second in the chain of Patrol Quests, to start it give your Badge Of Solace from the Solace Patrol Quest to the mayor of Mervue. You can find him in the inn 2n, 3w, 2n, w from Ent banker.

<spoiler text='Step 1'>You are tasked to find some smugglers and bring the mayor the smuggled loot. Smugglers are on the beach, in the far southeast of the area.</spoiler> <spoiler text='Step 2'>You will receive an arrest warrant, to be served to a shopkeeper that would usually sell such confiscated loot. This can vary greatly and changes each time - look at the warrant to see which shopkeeper would sell such items. The bartender is also a shopkeeper.</spoiler> <spoiler text='Step 3'>When the warrant is served correctly, a short cutscene will play and indicate there are smugglers docked in the harbor.</spoiler> <spoiler text='Step 4'>Hunt down the pirate captain (usually on the ship n, w from Charon, if not just find his ship), loot the captains crest, and return it to the mayor.</spoiler>

You will receive a free level, the Honorary Justice Guard Of Mervue Insignia, and a Badge Of Mervue, used to start the Midgaard Patrol Quest at level 34.