Midgaard Patrol Quest

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This is the third in the chain of Patrol quests, to start it give your Badge Of Mervue from the Mervue Patrol Quest to Carlotta in Midgaard.

This quest has recently changed, you can find the instructions to the old quest further down on the page.

1. Give your Badge Of Mervue to Carlotta in Jester's Bedroom. She can be found by walking 2s (e) e 2u 2w n (w) or 2s2e2u2wnw from An empty sanctuary (where Aelmon used to be).

2. She will tell you to visit the alchemist and to buy some goods from him to get him talking. You can get to him by moving (e) s 2e 2d w (w) 8n e or es2e2d2w8ne. You can "buy empty" for the cheapest item on the list. Buy them one by one, and he'll start talking.

3. He'll talk about some irate noble. He's in An elegant townhouse in the new area that used to be Mendek's Shack. Directions: (w) 2n 5w s w s (e) or w2n5wswse (sometimes you need to go up, (sometimes twice) from here to find him). He'll tell you:

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4. Pay a visit to What remains of Mead Brewers' establishment (used to be Brewer's House). There are some papers here:

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5. Head to The Golden Lion. 8n 2w (s). Buy some beer. You'll see the following conversation:

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6. Head to the bank ((n) 2e 4s (e)). Withdraw a topaz (you'll need 4000 coins). Head back and give the topaz to a bartender. He'll tell you that you can find a place to sleep upstairs.

7. Head w u e. Knock. Take the two items here and head to Carlotta. Make sure you wear your level gear if you're not maxed yet. Give the 2 items to Carlotta. Enjoy your 1500xp.

8. Don't forget to get your item from the King's Bedroom (It's located on the same floor you're on)

Old Quest:

1. You will receive training in the use of social emotes to investigate and interrogate Midgaard citizens.

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2. Carlotta will send you to find clues. When approaching a wandering mob, follow it so you don't lose it. You need to use your training to get the info out of 12 different mobs, all of which are in or near Midgaard. Every one of them will emote in some manner to you so you will be able to recognize which mobs need investigation. Furthermore, if there are multiple "copies" of a mob in the city, you only need to do this for one of them.

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3. Once you have gathered 12 clues, report to Carlotta and you go on a hunt for the perpetrators!

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4. Return with the stolen item.

You will receive a Badge Of Midgaard, a replacement insignia - Honorary Townguard Of Midgaard Insignia, and 1500 XP. Keep the badge as it is used in the Kriegstadt Patrol Quest for Heroes of level 1-100 (see HELP PATROL QUESTS for more information on this and other patrol quests).