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The Necrostaff is a six-foot-tall shaft of dragon bone carved into a staff. The body of the staff contains ridges and embelishments that, in many cases, remsemble faces in extreme pain. The head of the staff is carved to look like the skull of some demonic creature. Many dark necromantic runes cover the length of the staff.

Modifies constitution by 2 continuous.
Modifies hp by 50 continuous.
Modifies damage roll by 5 continuous.
Modifies hit roll by 5 continuous.
Faintly increases resistance to divine damage continuous

Keyword(s): necrostaff, necro, staff.
Level(s): 51.
Type: armor.
Slot(s): held item.
Quality: 200 hps.
Weight: 5 lbs.
Flag(s): dark, evil, nodrop, noremove.


Area: Necromancer's Tower (Map).
Mob(s): Necromancer

See individual mob pages linked above for more information.

Portaling point suggested: Cooling Corpse.

Directions from previous editor: Necromancer. PP cooling corpse. go to the highest floor, into the room with the guys chained up. open the southern wall, go all the way down the passage, then east and northish, right passed the door. careful, wights will aggie.