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It is rumored that, somewhere, deep within a remote mountain range, there lurks a nameless Necromancer, whose power to control the dead is rivalled only by the Gods themselves. It is said that this madman is amassing a huge army of the Undead to walk forth and conquer our Realm. Some rumors say that even such powerful Undead as Ciquala and Nubrius are not immune to his machinations.

Level Range: 51-51

Builder: Crowe


Walking route from Aelmon: 16s, 2e, s, 3e, 2s, 4e, 2n.

Walking route from Kelsee: 5s, 2e, 2n.

Portaling point(s) suggested: Guardian Wraith or Cooling Corpse (multiple aggies, inside the tower).



The tower is made of 5 floors, each one progressively smaller than the previous one. Most of the floors are uncursed, save the fifth one.

Once on the top, there is a downward path all the way to the basement, with a large T intersection leading to the Necromancer and the Ebrishim, respectively. This part is fully cursed, with the exception of the final room behind the Necromancer.


The area is a mix of small and large mobs, ranging anywhere from 60-350xp, depending on the mob in question and can be run anywhere from solo to smaller trios. Mob density is good and it may take some time to fully clear the tower.

The hallways of the five floors are filled with wandering non-aggressive corpses, ghouls and zombies and aggressive Howling Wraiths. These are small mobs, an rarely represent any danger.

Bosses like Death Knight General (stomper) or Banshee Commander (animator) are nicely closed in their rooms, and can be fought at leisure. Of note are the three rooms on the first floor with cooling corpses - a nice place for small casters to deploy their Acid Rains for some quick xp.

Once all the way to the top, a secret door can be found south of the Throneroom, leading to the more difficult part of the area, which is also fully cursed. All down and all eastwards is a T intersection. Southwards is Ebrishim The Dracolich, a lvl 90 tailing breathing undead dragon, in a private room - a solo fight, possibly difficult for small heroes. Northwards is a locked but passable door beyond which is the Necromancer and whatever corpses he animated there. This room is not private. One room further northwards is uncursed so it may be wise to speed-walk him, set recall there and only then return to fight the necromancer (CR reasons).


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