Night Dancer Skirt

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The skirt is fashioned from the tanned hide of the night dancer bird that graces the forests along Black River. It is decorated with the dancer's plumage of iridescent black feathers. Only the holiest of the half-orcs are permitted to wear the garb of this revered creature.

Modifies armor class by -40 continuous.
Armor class is 10-12.

Keyword(s): skirt, night, dancer.
Level(s): 50-52.
Type: armor.
Slot(s): <worn on legs>.
Quality: 200 hps.
Weight: 10 lbs.
Flag(s): hum.


Identical to Heroic Dragonscale Skirt. No gems though.


It's on the mob right outside Zurik's room (so if you need Zurik's Cowl it's convenient to get one along the way).

Get to Healing Springs by (for example) pp Dirk Chivers, s, 4e, 3n, 2e.
Then dip below the Springs to the hidden rock: e, 2n, e, 2d, 5w, 2s.
Open the hidden door: open w, 2w, n.
Murder the three royal half-orcs along the way, one of them will have a key.
Open the door to the outer sanctum: unl e, open e, e, n.
And finally, kill the shamans.

Area: Healing Springs (Map)
Mob(s): Circle Of Shamans.