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At the base of the Northern Hills, the River of Eragora ends in a wooded land sacred to the half-orcs. No halfling is permitted to set foot on the hallowed ground on pain of death. Every winter solstice while the earth lies fallow, dark rituals are rumored to take place within the depths of the forest while the rest of the land sleeps.

Level Range: 51-51

Builder: Delia


Walking route from Eragora default recall: 2s, d, 4e, enter river, 3n, 3e, 4n, 2w, 2n, 2e, 3n, 2e.

Portaling point(s) suggested: pp half-orc family or half-orc mother should work. Othewrwise pp just outside the area (pp Dirk Chivers) and walk the 10 rooms in between.



The area has a simple yet engaging and elegant design that promotes exploration and a search for fluff. A few rooms are underwater, so don't drown.

It is not possible to recall from this area outwards. Recalling within the area is possible, as well as recalling to the area.

Note that the map is currently a bit out-of-date.


The area has surprisingly small mobs (by Eragoran standards, at least), and relatively weak hitting, so once can solo here easily or bring a buddy if very small. An archer/fusilier helps (due to some nice skin gear).

There are no quests in the area per se, but the mobs and gear contained are involved in several quests originating in other Eragoran areas.

A great majority of the mobs do not see invisible or sneak/move-hidden. Maintaining a low profile will make speedwalking easy.

To make matters even easier, the area will auto-CR the player upon (standard) death. Since the only way into the cloud room is dying, be sure to get all from your corpse prior to leaving. And since it is anti-magic you will not be able to cast giant strength in the cloud room. Prepare accordingly.


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