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In a round pond surrounded by weeping willows, up in the Elven
Foothills, a Nyad frets.  Beneath a nearby mountain, a dark,
scuttling menace gathers its strength.
The Nyad has worked her magic to seal the driders within their
lair, but their witches are working feverishly to break her spells!
To make matters worse, a thief has just stolen something which
could be used by the driders to destroy her, and Baron Sarphyre 
seems more worried about the harpy attacks than the driders!
Those who wish to help her can hire a tour guide in Stonehall
to take them to the Elven Foothills.
NOTE: This quest was written for players of upto level 19.

This quest, if completed can give you any of the following insignias, depending on your actions during the quest:

Sorted from "best" to "worse":

*** Fae Ambassador ***
*** Fae Diplomat ***
Fae Courier
Felt the Wrath of the Fae!

Quest cannot be started by players higher than level 19, but it is possible to sidestep Nyad's original quest, and do the Gargoyle Bracer Quest which is a branch of the same quest intended for higher level players. Doing so will likely net you another insignia:

A Nyad's Blessings

It is likely the Blessings are only available to those who did not do the Nyad Letter Quest.