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Orion's Description

Before you stands a swirling group of stellar bodies. You begin to make out the familiar shape of the Hunter - he who guided you through many nights of adventuring, he who guarded you during countless nights of slumber in this troubled realm.

This form - which you know as Orion - has hunted the skies since the first beast walked this land. Cultures of legend and other worlds knew him well.

Egyptians knew him as Osiris, god of the dead. His tribunal passed judgement on every soul bound for the world beyond.

To the Greeks, the form was Orion, son of Poseidon and lover of Artemis.

The Tewa of New Mexico know him as Long Sash, an ancient warrior who guided his people along the Endless Trail - the Milky Way.

Orion appeared to the ancient Maya as the hearth of creation - that from which creation began.

Behold the Hunter, God of the Underworld, Hearth of Creation, Orion.


Near Betelgeuse

[Exits: none]

You find yourself in the center of a mostly translucent sphere. As your eyes adjust to the darkness, you notice an impressive workstation to your left. It includes a half-dozen LCD displays, various computer components, and a mini-bar. As you glance around the space, you find it sparsely furnished with a large couch, billiards table, and bookshelves crammed with literary classics and technical manuals. The stars surrounding this sphere are unfamiliar - this is not the sky of your home world.

Beginning to End (?)

Orion began play at Avatar sometime during 1999, after a few year break from mudding while in college. He discovered the mud through a website that allowed users to search by specific criteria, things like player-killing, average count, etc. After checking all the options, he ended up with one mud: AVATAR. And he hasn't played anywhere else since.

Orion first played an elf warrior, a fairly terrible combination, he learned, but he was more interested in playing the character. Orion was interested in social aspects of the mud, and particularly enjoyed playing and conversing with the quite international player base. Early in his days as a hero, he developed a website called the Avatar Player Locator, which allowed players to login and register their location in the world. The site is now defunct, but it was enough to demonstrate to someone in the immortal staff that Orion enjoyed much more than sponging and hoarding items. Within a few months of the site's launch, Orion received an invitation to participate as an Acolyte, an Immortal candidate.

Orion retired in October, 2004, (at the rank of Host Senior) as his relatively new job was increasingly taxing and didn't leave much time for mudding. Oh, that and his four children (he had just one when he began mudding).

He returned to Avatar during the summer of 2006, and was invited to return as an immortal in September of that year. Orion is active on the web team, lending expertise from his day job to the mud.

Orion, the person

Orion is married and the father of four, and resides in a large midwestern city in the United States. He produces multimedia for a living, including websites of all varieties (data driven, flash, etc.), quite a bit of video for broadcast, and also does graphic design. He manages a team of web developers who run the website for a major college campus, and does a considerable amount of production for the campus' NCAA Division I athletics program. If you watch carefully during televised games, he's on the sideline with his HD broadcast camera. Real carefully.