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With prayer, a worshipper may seek a blessing or submit to a curse dependent upon the needs of their God. The results of a prayer are varied and only your particular god or goddess knows the reasons for each.

Prerequisite(s): none.

Syntax: cast 'prayer'

Paladin Prayer

Syntax: c prayer <boons> [Paladin Only]

Below are some of the paladin boons available. Note that by using 'c prayer boons' a paladin may see a list of available prayer choices, but it costs mana to do so. More boons become available as a paladin levels.

Hero 1

Vigor - modifies movement regeneration by * 2

Soothe - modifies healing power by +15%

Hero 101

Precision - modifies critical hit chance by +10%

Anticipation - modifies counter hit chance by + 10%

Hero 250

Revive - modifies hp regeneration by * 2

Deflection - modifies extra parry chance by + 15%

Fineness - modifies extra attack chance by + 15%

Retribution - modifies damage against undead by + 20%

Hero 500

Malice - modifies spell power by +15%

Stupefy - modifies stunning hit chance by + 15%

Bulwark - modifies protection from stun by + 15%

Uplift - modifies mana regeneration by * 2

Lord 1

Restoration - modifies healing amplification by + 15%

Lord 100

Bulwark Aura - modifies protection from stun by +5% for all group members in room

Soothe Aura - modifies healing power by +5% for all group members in room

Lord 225

Malice Aura - modifies spell power by +5% for all group members in room