Quicksilver Wolf Cub

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You stare in the cold and cruel eyes of a young yet large wolf. Its lips slowly curl back and his long fangs are bared. However, this is no normal wolf. Its skin ripples and gives a metallic shine, as it appears to be made of mercury! Its big muscular paws stick to the vertical obsidian surface, enabling it to crouch down, ready to spring at your throat.

Keywords: quicksilver, ??
Scan Description: (Hide) (Translucent) (Sneak) A metallic liquid oozes through a crack, taking the shape of a young wolf!
Level: 65.
Alignment: ?
Flags: Aggressive
Affects: Sneak, Move Hidden, Pass Door, Detect Hidden, ??.


The two versions of this mob which are in Daingean Machadae and Helikon Tower are essentially the same.


Area: Daingean Machadae (Map).
Room: wanders.


Area: Helikon Tower (Map).
Room: wanders.

Quicksilver wolf cub will wander anywhere doors are left open, including outside of the tower, and through and doors which are not magically sealed.