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Ral, the balrog lord, looms before you. His massive frame rises up many feet above your head. A great flaming sword is clasped in one of his hands. His other holds an evil-looking cat o' nine tails. His fiery red skin glistens as flames spray around him. He smiles at you wolfishly.

Keywords: ral, balrog, lord
Level: 77
Alignment: todo
Flags: todo
Affects: Invis


Ral is using:
 <worn on finger>    (Invis) (Glowing) a gold and emerald ring
 <worn on body>      balrog chainmail
 <held in offhand>   (Glowing) (Humming) a fiery whip
 <wielded>           (Glowing) maelstrom, sword of the Balrog
 <held>              a demon scepter
You peek at the inventory:
    an ancient scroll
    (Invis) a ghostly ring



Area: Silmavar Labyrinth (Map)
Room: The room of fire

pp Numenor, then go: 2wsenen4e2d9eses3esenedwn2ws3ws2wswswsws