Remove Curse

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This spell removes a curse from a character.

Prerequisite(s): Curse.

Syntax: cast 'remove curse' <character>.

This spell is rather valuable for all characters.

See also Remove Curse Gear.

See also NoDrop Flag and NoRemove Flag.

Note that for in-class users like Clerics remove curse always seems to work. Characters who learn this spell out-of-class may find that they have to cast multiple times before it removes the nodrop/noremove flags from gear in their inventory. If you're having problems making the spell work, remove all of your gear, as your gear lowers your saving throw. This trick is especially handy if you're utilizing Remove Curse Gear.


Ways to remove cursed items: 1. cast remove curse 2. find and use a "travellers holy symbol" 3. find one of several kinds of potion 4. change yourself to opposite alignment (so it zaps you and falls off) and, of course, 5. suicide. (be sure NOT to pick up the cursed item when you retrieve from your corpse!)