Rod Of The Sun

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Carved from a pale length of ash, this rod has been lacquered to give it a vibrant sheen. It is capped in a stylised sunburst, which could possibly give someone a nasty gauge, but the delicacy of the work would probably not stand up to using this as anything but an ornamental weapon.

Damage is 18 to 47 (average 32).
Modifies damage roll by 2 continuous
Modifies hit roll by 2 continuous
Modifies mana by 35 continuous

Keyword(s): rod, sun, wood, sunburst.
Level(s): 50-52.
Type: weapons.
Slot(s): <held>.
Quality: 100 hps.
Weight: 9 lbs.
Flag(s): magic.



Area: Heartwood (Map).
Mob(s): Aquafolia

See individual mob pages linked above for more information.

Portaling point suggested: .