Ruddloaf Mortlock

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The ancient gray-skinned halfling shaman raises his eyes towards you and scratches his chin with a skeletal arm while evaluating you. Seeing you stare at the arm, he puts it out of the view.

Keywords: Ruddloaf, Mortlock, shaman.
Level: 95.
Alignment: demonic.
Flags: steadfast.
Affects: sanctuary


Ruddloaf Mortlock is using:
<worn around neck>  [Pristine  ] (Demonic) (Glowing) rune of life
<wielded>           [Pristine  ] (Demonic) (Magical) soul splitting spike dagger


Ruddloaf is a corpse animator, as can be determined from his description. He is also huge, sanced, and hits brutally hard (especially in Eragora's lower-AC climate).

Just... beware.

If you simply walk into his room, he is not aggressive, and is in fact involved in Chattering Skeletal Claws Quest, as well as maybe some more.

Ruddloaf will disappear if you enter his room with the insignia End of a Well Seasoned Nightmare (until you leave the area)


Area: Sun God Altar (Map).
Room: Shaman's Quarters.

From Seneca: s,e,d,n,e,2s