Rune Of Life

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The stone amulet cursed with a powerful necromantic ward seems
like a major artifact! You consider the wisdom of using this
obviously evil and corrupting item.
Modifies mana by 50 continuous
Modifies armor class by -10 continuous
'detect invis   '  continuous

Keyword(s): rune, life, amulet, stone
Type: armor
Slot(s): <worn around neck>
Levels: Levels 50-52
Weight: 3 lbs
Bases: Base 10-12
Flags: glow, evil, anti-good, noremove
Area: Sun God Altar (Map)
Mob: Ruddloaf Mortlock


Ruddloaf is big and tough, and failure is not an option since he animates. Rune will likely require harmonization. If Haark is in the room he eats corpses.


Portal to Grogbert Thunderbeard, and fight your way through s, w, u, e, 2s. Bring a group (or be an awesome dragon). (alernate, pp Seneca, s e d n e s s)