Runecovered Staff

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This slender staff with square ends stands as tall as a man. It is made from a shiny blue metal but much lighter than would be expected. Runes cover all of the surfaces, speaking of death and revenge. The weapon seems to twitch and thrust itself around, looking for a victim.

Normal hero weapon damage range (max 45-50)
Modifies armor class by -20 continuous.
Modifies mana by 185 continuous.

Keyword(s): runecovered staff
Type: weapon
Weapon Type: It is a double weapon that does pounding damage.
Object Slot: wield & offhand (two-handed)
Flag(s): dark magic nodrop noremove nolocate
Weight: 4 lbs
Level(s): 50-52
Quality: 100 hps


This item is on the same mob as the Book Of Rune.


Area: Isle Of NaamBres'Shho (map)
Mob(s): Shiaana NaamTer'Sa